Stories from Mixed Vice Work #2: “Faded”

This is the second in a series of five brief essays reflecting on my process of writing my June ’09 release, Mixed Vice Work. In order to help make sense of the project and in an effort to further include listeners in my process, I’ll be sharing three more in the coming months – each in reference to a specific song from the EP.

Jon putting the finishing touches on his new EP.

Here is the story of “Faded”

(as I write on each song, I will post that song online. Please feel free to listen along at

“I’m Great”

Back when I was a camp counselor at Shiloh Quaker Camp, we often had to get creative in order to come up with…

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3 Responses to “Stories from Mixed Vice Work #2: “Faded””

  1. Peggy O'Neill Says:

    Spectacular! Awesome! I love hearing your stories and learning more about the creative process. It’s quite amazing!
    Love you, your #1 FAN

  2. quakerpoet Says:

    Thanks Mom!

  3. this is a very nice look into how you think about the creative process that i’ve been able to see glimpses of throughout the years- i like the narrative that forms behind and in between each peice, it becomes a series- but a much more fulfilling series that one would miss if each song was not listened to. i haven’t had the chance to hit replay enough on these songs yet…but each time i do, it becomes a bit more clear…sharing in the joy of songwriting and just living. and workin on being simple.

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