“Friend Speaks My Mind” Music Video!

Greetings, Friends!


Sorry for the “all-caps,” but I have to express my excitement.  This has been a long time in the making and I only get to release my first music video once!

Plus… it is really good!  I promise.  We filmed it in April at Pendle Hill with many familiar resident faces.  The concept of the shoot was “Meeting for Worship turns dance party” and it came out so well!  …thanks to filmmaker Ben Schilling, his helper Allie and all those who graciously came to worship, dance and be filmed.

So, without further ado… watch this!

Watch here


5 Responses to ““Friend Speaks My Mind” Music Video!”

  1. Jon,

    thanks for this – I love it and I feel quite overwhelmed. I sent the link to many in German YM.

    Thanks also for uploading some of your music to lastfm. I had first “discovered” you there – and today at Jez’s blog http://ymg09.wordpress.com/2009/08/05/i-found-george-fox-living-in-a-journal/ !


  2. Hello, Jon – That’s not really “my” website, and my own email address is but this way of responding seemed to need a website and the Taylor wildlfe Preserve is where I live (not far from Westfield Meeting where you visited in early march ’09)

    So hooray for your release of the music video – which i will try to watch/listen to at the library since on dial-up connection such thigs are TOO, too awkward. Hooray for your being at the Woolman Semester beause every thing Iher about it is terrific, glowing. Last Spring Carl Sigmund was there and I have just returned from Phila. Yearly Meeeting where I had a conversation with Carl. He’s radiant in recommending the semester!!

    Thanks for the tutorial on YouTube, very helpful for old Luddites and dial-uppers such as I. You don’t have to apologize about wanting to make a living with your music; I don’t know how people do that these days with the internet”stealing the show” with the couch-potato generation, but you deserve to figure that out and I’ll be cheering from these sidelines.

    warm regards, Suzanne Day

  3. Susan Brown Says:

    Wow, Jonathon! You really rock!

  4. Congrats on creating this really neat music video. Hopefully it helps inspire both Friends and non-Quakers on the intersections of spirituality, music and dance.

    As a Quaker dancer, I found it really refreshing and fun. Great stuff.

  5. I love it! Keep up the great ministry.

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