Why I’m Choosing To Let You Name Your Price to Download My Music

When asked about the name-your-price model of selling downloads, Trent Reznor said, “Asking people what they think music is worth devalues music…This is your art! This is your life! It has a value and you the artist are not putting that power in the hands of the audience.”

We’re in rocky territory here.

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4 Responses to “Why I’m Choosing To Let You Name Your Price to Download My Music”

  1. Brian Perdue Says:

    Dear Jon Watts,

    You have inspired me to do something special with my life and u have proven to me that us Quakers really are better than other people. Your are extremely musically talented. I’m sure you are inspiring Quaker children all across the nation to do great things and stay true to their religion. One of my favorite songs of yours would obviously have to be friend speaks my mind but i also like to listen to im sorry Brian just because it has my name in it. If it is ok with you i would also like to send your response to whynotus10@gmail.com, i remember the password to one of them but i cant remember which one it was. Thank You


    • Brian Perdue Says:

      i forgot thats not even my email address that i told u to send it to the whynotus10 one, yes thats not mine that is my old one that i forgot the password plus its not even mine so dont send it there

    • givemeabreak Says:

      “us Quakers really are better than other people”???


      jon, i hope you are spreading a different gospel.

      get off the high-horse. read a prophet. knock yourself off it.

  2. Oh I’m sure he didn’t mean it like that.

    But just to be safe, thanks for pointing it out. It is a foundational belief of Quakerism that we are not ‘better’ than other people.

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