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“Friend Speaks My Mind” Music Video!

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Greetings, Friends!


Sorry for the “all-caps,” but I have to express my excitement.  This has been a long time in the making and I only get to release my first music video once!

Plus… it is really good!  I promise.  We filmed it in April at Pendle Hill with many familiar resident faces.  The concept of the shoot was “Meeting for Worship turns dance party” and it came out so well!  …thanks to filmmaker Ben Schilling, his helper Allie and all those who graciously came to worship, dance and be filmed.

So, without further ado… watch this!

Watch here


Stories from Mixed Vice Work #2: “Faded”

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This is the second in a series of five brief essays reflecting on my process of writing my June ’09 release, Mixed Vice Work. In order to help make sense of the project and in an effort to further include listeners in my process, I’ll be sharing three more in the coming months – each in reference to a specific song from the EP.

Jon putting the finishing touches on his new EP.

Here is the story of “Faded”

(as I write on each song, I will post that song online. Please feel free to listen along at

“I’m Great”

Back when I was a camp counselor at Shiloh Quaker Camp, we often had to get creative in order to come up with…

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Announcing the Release of Mixed Vice Work!

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Peace, Friends!

Against some unlikely odds, I have made my deadline! Today I am officially releasing my newest project: an EP called Mixed Vice Work.

Mixed Vice Work: In Stores Now!

Releasing Mixed Vice Work

Amongst much ado and hubbub, I can announce that the new EP is now available for you to hear and to own!  I have made ALL OF THE SONGS FREE FOR LISTENING at:

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Disaster Strikes, Grace prevails

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Dear Friends,

Greetings! Another beautiful and blessed arrival of summer is upon us!

When last I wrote, it was to celebrate the success of my travels in the ministry in Philadelphia Yearly Meeting in the months of March and April. Little did I know what lurked just around the corner…


Jon and his poor wrecked car.

Jon Watts with a smashed car in PYM

Need I say more? Sunday morning, after my final show (opening for Tribe One) in Philadelphia, I walked across the street to start packing my car for the trip home to Virginia. What I discovered – a crushed rear blinker, bent back axle, crumpled trunk and mysterious business card (“I seen everything”) – was a bit unexpected.

And that’s not all!

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Journeying through PYM

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Please hit
Dear Friends,

Greetings from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where I have been living for the past month as I visit Meeting after Meeting in this densely populated Quaker homeland!

Since last I wrote, I have shared music and ministry with the good folks at Blacksburg and Roanoke Meetings, the Young Friends of BYM, members of Stony Run and Bethesda Meetings, Lancaster Meeting, Kendal Retirement Community, The Haverford Quarter, Haverford College and Westfield, Chambersburg and Valley Monthly Meetings!

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